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Welcome to Xenith Academy
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Wednesday, September 13th, 2006
8:47 pm
Friend me
Hello, this is nemurin speaking!

I play Roy Mustang, and he teaches Practical Alchemy & Chem. Or whatever you wanna call it.

I'd just like to tell you guys to friend me (of course that would be Roy's account: miniskirt_fan) so you can see his mightily interesting chatter, and as a side note:

Since this is a science type class, it is a required class for EVERY STUDENT.

So do show up or Roy gets angry. =D (Not that I'll be keeping track of you guys.)
Sunday, September 10th, 2006
1:13 pm
Hiya! This is Nori (Yamato-mun) with her Second Character!

Daisuke Motomiya from Digimon 02 x3;

So yeah, friend him, bug him, make fun of him and go get him a Ken! xDDDD (Or a Wallace or a Takeru... hmm...) xD

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Friday, September 8th, 2006
3:57 pm
MOD-ly post number two! because I forgot to mention.. XD

Current Mood: amused
2:24 pm
MOD-ly post~
Hallo! I first want to thank everybody for joining my humble little RP. It's a bit slow now ( for school and new-ness reasons ) and I hope this doesn't turn anyone off. I promise this place will get more lively soon. x3;

I also want to take the time to address an issue I'm having. Nothing because of you guys, promise. It's just, I'm one person and this place is getting bigger. XD; So I wanted to know if anyone here would consider maybe helping me out? becoming a co-mod? ♥? If so, please e-mail me at orqazmic@gmail.com



I have updated the roomie situation. I WAS going for same year rooms. But that may start being difficult and someone is usually left out. So, for the most part everyone is from the same grade. But from now on it will most likely be mixed, I hope that's okay with everyone.

Rooms Collapse )

If you have any problems, please contact me. ^^ My AIM is qood vibration


Also, it would be a BIG help if you guys can help me with advertising. Specificaly we need a Mori-senpai for our sweet Hunny-senpai.

Thanks again. x3 ♥

Current Mood: cheerful
Sunday, September 3rd, 2006
12:35 am
Now that we've gotten some characters... go ahead and start posting!


lols... >>; I should update my own journals, huh?

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Friday, September 1st, 2006
1:59 pm
Friend Add/Remove list
1. Please log into your RP account
2. copy the list
3. paste it here
the list Collapse )

updated on September 10th

hurr. your mod is stupid when she's exhausted. everyone un-friend that journal, please.

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Thursday, August 31st, 2006
2:26 pm
Applications go here!
Here is a sample application Collapse )

You don't need to write so much for the RP post and the LJ post, but just give me enough so I can see you know this character and you can play him well.

Edit September 1st As this is a long weekend ( labor day ) I'll be away, so if you apply I won't be able to approve you until Tuesday, I'm sorry for the long wait.

Current Mood: accomplished
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