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Welcome to Xenith Academy

The school for boys.

Xenith Academy
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X E N I T H_________________________________________________________________________

Welcome to Xenith Academy; where only the most gifted, talented and wealthy attend.
We take pride on our students and their performance, we of course offer scholarships to those
less fortunate than our regular students.

Our fine Academy is situated in Scotland; there is a spectacular view of those rolling emerald

The students of Xenith Academy are blessed with four poster beds, large bedrooms, their own
personal bathrooms and sitting room. Two young men per room. We believe our young men need
to value the importance of bonds and friendships.

Of course we have a wide variety of activities for after classes, which include; an olympic
sized swimming pool on the first floor, a gymnasium which includes all types of gymnastic
and body building equipment. We have a shooting range outside, a tennis court, we're
currently setting up 8-holes for golf. We also encourage our students to inform us if they
need anything else.

The staff at Xenith Academy are all well-informed scholars, simply the best for your sons

We hope to enlighten and educate our boys to get them ready for a succesful future.

R U L E S____________________________________________________________________________

1 This is the most important; no god-modding. If you don't know what this
is, it's simply when you don't ask a player for their permission to do
something to their character. Always ask permission first.

2 Keep your personal drama with other players out of the RP. I want this
to be a fun and happy little community, don't you?

3 This goes with number 2, but do not bad mouth other players.

4 Please try to be IC. I am aware that this is a AU RP, and your character
may not be used to the situations that will arise. But do try to keep
everything IC? For instance; I wouldn't have Sephiroth hugging kittens
and writing poetry about rainbows.

5 NO M-PREG! I'm sorry, but no. Just no.

6 Have fun! No need to be overly serious and anal. I also want you guys to
be active. If you won't be able to post for a long time, simply announce
it with a hiatus note.

7 Please try and use grammar and proper spelling? I won't allow chatspeak. I
just want your posts to be legible.

8 You're only allowed five characters at the moment. This will probaly change
later on.

9 This isn't really a rule but to show me that you DID read the rules... On
the application, where it says 'Who has 'mansex' in his name? '
please reply with ' Xemnas '. Thank you!

A P P L Y_____________________________________________________________________________

Your name:
Your LJ:
Your AIM:
Character you're apply for:
Teacher? ignore and delete this if you're applying for a student
What subject? ignore and delete this if you're applying for a student
What year? first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth or seventh
Sample Rp post: in third person
Sample LJ post: first person, like you would normally write in your LJ
Who has mansex in his name?

Once you filled that out, please comment with your application to this post.

Or, if you're shy you can e-mail me your application at; orqazmic@gmail.com

Also a useful link; friend add list

T A K E N_____________________________________________________________________________


Johnny McGregor_//go_bugger_off//5th year//_bakura


Yamato Ishida_//b_teenage_wolf//5th year//_nuriko_sakuma
Taichi Yagami_//soccer_mastah//5th year//_bakura

Full Metal Alchemist

Alex Louis Armstrong_//glorioustrength//teacher;Weightlifting & Drawing//_lattebayo

Harvest Moon: Magical Melody

Blue_//number_0000ff//3rd year//_jigglygrlcarrie

Hunter x Hunter

Killua Zaoldyeck_//cake_x_hunter//1st year//_deathdesu
Gon Freeks_//apple_x_hunter//1st yeat//_cheese_cookies

Kingdom Hearts series

Sora_//keyblade_mastah//5th year//_trouncy_flouncy


Gaara no Suna_//sabaku_taiso//4th year//_samathy
Sasuke Uchiha_//reserved//_//_samathy
Maito Gai_//reserved//_//_cocaine_cowgirl

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Kaworu Nagisa_//symphony_no_9//_//_jigglygrlcarrie
Shinji Ikari_//track_25_and_26//_//_mellysandshrew

Ouran High School Host Club

Hikaru Hitachiin_//devil_second//_lattebayo
Kaoru Hitachiin_//second_devil//_bakura
Mitsukuni Haninozuka_//hunny_hunny//7th year//_trouncy_flouncy
Tamaki Suoh_//roi_des_roses//5th year//_stardust_halos
Kyouya Ootori_//mama_kyouya//5th year//_cocaine_cowgirl

Puchi Puri Yuushi

Cube T. Butler_//i_am_not_prince//teacher;Home Economics//_deathdesu

Shaman King

Tao Ren_//oriental_shaman//3rd year//_cocaine_cowgirl

Tales of Symphonia

Lloyd Irving_//simple_idealist//6th year//_bakura
Yuan_//yuan_light//4th year//_niffe
Kratos Aurion_//ensachoareo//teacher;Angelic Language//_angel_of_alore
Mithos Yggdrasill_//not_collette//1st year//_cheese_cookies
Genius (Genis) Sage_//genius_sage//1st year//_loveless_zero

Yumekui Kenbun ('The Record of Devoured Dreams')

Hiruko_//leavereality//3rd year//_deathdesu

R O O M A T E S_______________________________________________________________________

Section 1 [ third floor ]

Dorm A

Kaoru Hitachiin / Hikaru Hitachiin

Dorm B

Lloyd Irving / Sora

Dorm C

Johnny McGregor / Yamato Ishida

Section 2

Dorm D

Yuan / Gaara no Suna

Dorm E

Mithos Yggdrasill / Genius Sage

Dorm F

Kaworu Nagisa / Shinji Ikari

Section 3

Dorm G

Mitsukuni Haninozuka / Takashi Morinozuka when we get one, that is. ^^;

Dorm H

Killua Zaoldyeck / Taichi Yagami

Dorm I

Hiruko / Tao Ren

Section 4

Dorm J

Tamaki Suoh / Kyouya Ootori

Dorm K

Blue /